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The official home page of the Town Managers, a 3-piece punk rock outfit from Philadelphia. Stay a while, have a look around. We've got Real Audio files, photograph albums, tour stories, plus information about future shows and releases.

The Town Managers with the Baker Twins

The Town Managers with radio DJs the Baker Twins in East Stroudsburg, PA

About Us
A little band history, all of which is true.
Photo Albums
Scads of photos from past tours and shows, with stories and captions.
What's Gnu
News of the latest goings-on. Town Managers show dates. CD and record information.
Favorite Spots
Links to some of our favorite places on the internet.
The Town Jukebox
Real Audio files. You'll need the free RealAudio G2 Player to hear these songs of ours.
Doke o'the Jay
What it says.

Speak Out


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