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What's new is...

  • June 18 -- Tentative show in Newark, Deleware with Trailor Park Riot.

  • Oh no! A Philly show must be deleted from our schedule: May 9 at the Philadelphia Ethical Society. This one was to be a benefit to raise money to aid the Albanian refugees. But the Ethical Society is not hosting punk rock shows now. Might be rescheduled with a new location. For more info, e-mail Colin at

  • "Dear Fred" Vol. 2, a compilation cd on
    Sneezeguard Records which includes the Town Managers song "Don Black". You can get a copy by sending a check or money order (made out to Sneezeguard) for US$ 8.00 postpaid to

    Sneezeguard Records
    309 Annapolis St.
    Annapolis MD 21401

  • There is one other compilation CD that came out recently that contains a song by The Town Managers!  It was put together by Matt Rademan and it's called "The Winterfresh Revolution" on Breathmint Records. If you'd like a copy I have been told one can be had for a mere four bucks which includes postage (checks payable to Matt Rademen). The address is

    Matt Rademan
    Breathmint Records
    P O Box 54
    Richboro PA 18954-0054

    The song we have on it is called "Wet Dog" and was recorded the same time we did our first 7 inch at Cycle Sound in Manayunk.

  • There is compilation cd called "Streets of Philadelphia" being put out by the people who bring you Wonka Vision fanzine. It contains our cover of the Ramone's classic "I Don't Care" which was recorded last summer in our basement. Here is some more information.

  • We have some new pictures from Part One of the New England mini-tour along with Jonk's show report.

  • Jonk's Show Report Part 2.

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Rick, Easter Sunday
Town Managers T-shirt design

E-mail us anytime, check back for updates. Here's our e-mail address again:

Oh, and here's a link to a cool site about Ween!

Managers Might Record CD

The Town Managers, who have long talked about putting out some sort of album someday have finally decided to talk about when they might like to record it and with which company they would like to release it and on which format it might be available. That's all the news this reporter was given.
You can e-mail Rick directly at

Here's Rick's first report from the city of dreams!

Here is Rick's Second and Final Report from L.A.

(Rick spent half of last summer and all of the fall in L.A. working on a motion picture and on tv commercials.)

Our Hero: Gary Ferenchak

That's Gary to the left, our producer/engineer extraordinaire, cooking up some grub during the recording of our first 7 inch.  He recorded our second 7 inch too, at Cycle Sound Studios in Manayunk.  Do they have a web site?  Gary doesn't have e-mail, or a bank account.

(Actually Cycle Sound does have a short web page but, judging from Gary's picture on it, it hasn't been updated in a long while.)

Gary Ferenchak at the grill
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